Maximise Your Account Balance with Advancebet from

Many of us will occasionally find a small balance in our betting account – sometimes after a
disappointing run or perhaps we just haven’t got around to topping up our funds. Meanwhile, 1xBet
are one of the more innovative bookies around and they have introduced a promo which could
maximise the potential of those inert amounts.

The offer, known as Advancebet, takes your balance and works out the maximum potential of those
funds that are just lying around in your account. Let’s say you have a balance of $260.00 and you
make two bets – one at $150 and one at $100. Advancebet works in the following way.

1xBet will provide Advancebet of $100 so you can place further bets up to a total of $110.

You can also place a bet at $30 at odds of 1.5.

Finally, you also place a bet with the stake of $50 at the odds of 2. Potential returns are $100.

If we are being perfectly honest then this can be a little complicated to follow so we recommend that
you head over to the promotions page at 1xBet in order to appreciate it fully. However, it is a great
way to maximise those small amounts that just sit in your account so it is definitely worth getting
involved with.

You’ll also be able to check your options at any time by hitting the ‘Find Out’ button that sits
alongside the icon marked Available Advancebet and you can also speak to the friendly customer
service people at 1xBet if you like.

As a UK bookmaker, 1xBet have a clear European focus with their markets and
football, handball, basketball and volleyball are among those sports that are heavily covered. You’ll
never be short of a betting option and clever promos like these could help to maximise your returns.